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10 Simple Things That Could Add Years To Your Dog’s Life

Posted by Staff on 6 marzo 2015
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1. Keep your dog at a healthy weight, and feed them healthy foods

If possible, feed your pet on a set schedule. Some vegetables may be appropriate for midday snacks, and organic pet foods can be found to keep your shelves stocked at home.

2. Stay Active

Get your dog the exercise it needs by taking the dog jogging, walking, or running on a regular basis. You should adopt a schedule as well that will ensure that you and your dog are getting the physical activity that you need in order to stay in proper shape.

3. Get Yourself Out There

Both dogs and people are social creatures who cannot live in isolation for long periods of time. Dogs benefit from spending time with other dogs. Take your pet out to designated dog parks where they can play and become adjusted to the presence of others from a young age.

4. Give Affection

Dog, like humans, need positive interaction to survive. Dog’s must be given attention and affection in order to remain happy.

5. Keep a Clean and Healthy Home

Maintaining a home environment that is free of toxins and harmful chemicals will lessen the chances that your dog will become ill or develop allergies.

6. Build a Relationship with your Dog

As your relationship grows, so does your mutual health when the right routines are established for both you and your pet.

7. Spay/Neuter
Not only will getting your male dog neutered lengthen and improve his quality of life, it will also stop him from spraying or territorial marking, fighting with other males (over females), and wandering away from home.
8. Take care of your dog’s teeth

This could not be stressed more. Tooth decay is common, but it can lead to other health problems for your pet. Brush your dog’s teeth as much as possible. There are even bones and toys sold at pet stores that can really help improve your pet’s dental hygiene.

9. Let your dog relax

Yes, this does mean give them a break. While it’s important to love your dog, they need time to relax and be independent. A dog can become stressed if they’re constantly anxious or on the go.

10. Get checkups and vaccinations

These checkups give the vet a chance to catch any diseases, infections or health problems that could be potentially detrimental later on. Experts suggest at least one appointment a year after they’re full grown but about two to four visits per year while they are puppies.

All this tips are important for our dogs, so take them in to consideration… we hope you like it!
OkyDoggy Team! 

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